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This time on “Live & Local,” Aaron Keck takes some time to visit with “Raleigh-Durham’s favorite pork-obsessed Surfabilly band,” also known as Phatlynx! Mashing up rockabilly sensibilities with surf music flair, “surfabilly” music provides a low-fi, reverb-soaked trip back to a time when pounding drums and wailing guitars were sure signals that everyone involved was in for a good time.

Phatlynx, pronounced “Fat Links,” got their start at Chapel Hill’s own indie-friendly music venue The Cave (formerly dead, now alive and well), and since then has evolved into a rollicking show band with a big catalog of songs to play and the know-how to pull together audiences of all ages whenever and wherever they take the stage for another rollicking surfabilly show.

Part 1: “Comanche”

Part 2: “Gravy”

Part 3: “Ham Biscuit”

Part 4: “Hamburger Hop”