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Another Davis could be joining the UNC men’s basketball program.
After months of consideration by school board members – and even more months of research by the district’s administration – Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools is moving to a new class schedule for all of its high schools.
After receiving a dam assessment for the pond on town-owned property off Legion Road, Chapel Hill says it plans to convert the area into a constructed wetland.
For the 12th time in program history, the Diamond Heels are headed to Omaha.
The school infrastructure bond referendum planned for the fall took its latest step on Tuesday night. The Orange County Board of Commissioners officially set the framework for how the money would be divided between Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools and Orange County Schools and how the major projects would receive funding.
The Town of Chapel Hill broke ground on a new affordable housing community Monday.
UNC’s academic year wrapped up with several weeks of contentious demonstrations against the war in Gaza, culminating (but not ending) with a tent encampment that drew a forceful response from campus police.
The Diamond Heels scored the tying run in the top of the ninth and the winning run in the top of the 10th to earn a thrilling 4-3 win against defending national champion LSU in the NCAA Regional Final on Monday night at Boshamer Stadium.
A committee formed between Orange County and the Town of Carrboro is looking for public input to name the civic building under construction at 203 South Greensboro Street.

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On Air Today: News Director Brighton McConnell Westbound on Estes Dr.

97.9 The Hill and Chapelboro.com News Director Brighton McConnell spoke with 97.9 The Hill's Andrew Stuckey on Wednesday, June 12. He called in from his car as he took one of the first westbound trips on Estes Drive since its reopening Wednesday afternoon. He described the scene, talked about the history of the project, and more.

Center of Excellence Annual Open House
Center of Excellence Annual Open House
Center of Excellence Annual Open House
500 Millstone Dr, Hillsborough
500 Millstone Dr, Ste 104, Hillsborough
Join in the Fun at the Annual Open House!
Join in the Fun at the Annual Open House!