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The UNC System repealed its policy on diversity and inclusion on Thursday, as the statewide university system made the latest move to scale back diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in higher education.
The UNC club ice hockey program is taking a major step up.
The Tar Heels landed another addition from the transfer portal on Thursday.
Daniel Johnson, who is part of the Roy H. Park Fellowship Program at the Hussman School of Journalism and Media, partnered with Dave Philipps of the New York Times to publish a story examining the ties between recent long-range artillery crews, a high rate of deaths by suicide, and PTSD symptoms. The pair of reporters found an old report confirming these soldiers suffered traumatic brain injuries from the constant blasts of their guns, called blast overpressure — and saw their work nominated as a finalist for the 2024 National Reporting Pulitzer.
For 50 years, the Chapel Hill Police Department’s Crisis Unit has been working to provide a different type of response during emergency calls than traditional law enforcement. Now, the program has expanded its footprint into a different local government.
Following his team’s ACC regular-season title, UNC baseball head coach Scott Forbes has been named the ACC Coach of the Year. He’s the third coach in program history to earn the honor, after Mike Fox in 2018 and Mike Roberts in 1989.
Hope Renovations has earned widespread recognition for its efforts to help women and nonbinary community members earn training for jobs in the trades — but Thursday marked the nonprofit’s most high-profile visit to its headquarters.
After months of assessment and discussion among administrators, a focus group of students, and community members, the district is weighing whether to adopt a block schedule format instead of its current seven-period day.
After falling short by more than 400 votes in March, Bonnie Hauser is projected to win a second term on the Orange County Schools Board of Education.

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Stroman On Sports: Caitlin Clark, WNBA Basketball, Double Standards

University of North Carolina Staff Member, former University of Virginia basketball player, and sports business expert Deborah Stroman spoke with 97.9 The Hill News Director Brighton McConnell on Friday, May 24. She discussed Caitlin Clark's WNBA start, including how she fits into the landscape of the women's game. She also discussed some of the double standards surrounding the expectations of Clark, and more.

Center of Excellence Annual Open House
Center of Excellence Annual Open House
Center of Excellence Annual Open House
500 Millstone Dr, Hillsborough
500 Millstone Dr, Ste 104, Hillsborough
Join in the Fun at the Annual Open House!
Join in the Fun at the Annual Open House!