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A growing wing company has set its sights on opening its first North Carolina location in the coming days, with the location in downtown Chapel Hill.
After nearly ten years of successful operations in western Orange County, Morinaga & Co. will expand its American production system of candy with a new facility at the same site.
The U.S. women’s national soccer team held a special friendly on Saturday to both prepare for the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics while celebrating the 25th anniversary of a key moment in the sport’s history.
Vance Honeycutt, welcome to The Show.
The UNC athletic department will be forming a name, image, and likeness collective encompassing all sports at the school. The collective, Old Well Management, will officially begin operations on August 1.
Local residents and many visitors to Chapel Hill and Carrboro know the towns have a reputation for downtown parking being difficult to find sometimes. While the local governments each have a new parking deck expected to come online later this year, it is not unusual to see people try to park at businesses and walk to different places instead of using public spaces.
Fans of Venus flytraps and specialty license plates can rejoice. After years of being in the works, North Carolina will now see a new design featuring the unique plant added to their Rolodex plate options.
The Town of Hillsborough recently reviewed and unanimously endorsed a proposed redesign for South Churton Street that could create a safe, attractive entryway into town.
As we draw closer to Election Day, we’re going to see more and more public opinion surveys on the state of the presidential race. But some polls are better than others – and sometimes the most important numbers aren’t the ones you see on the top of the page.

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Stroman On Sports: EA Sports College Football, Olympic Preview, and More

UVA and UNC Faculty Member, Sports Business Expert, and Host of "If You Only Knew," Deborah Stroman spoke with 97.9 The Hill and Chapelboro.com News Director Brighton McConnell on Friday, July 19. She discussed the release of the new EA Sports College Football game in the era of NIL. She also previewed the upcoming Olympics, including what she is most excited for going into the games.

Center of Excellence Annual Open House
Center of Excellence Annual Open House
Center of Excellence Annual Open House
500 Millstone Dr, Hillsborough
500 Millstone Dr, Ste 104, Hillsborough
Join in the Fun at the Annual Open House!
Join in the Fun at the Annual Open House!