Spanish physician and scientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal — winner of the Nobel Prize in 1906 for his work —  is often referred to as the “father of modern neuroscience.” His research and depictions delving deep into the structure and function of the brain paved the way for research still being done on everything from memory and sleep to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

This week on “Tu for Two,” Chela spends some time taking in an exhibit at Ackland Art Museum that highlights Cajal’s work. According to the exhibit, Cajal’s research is as crucial to the discipline of neuroscience as the work of Albert Einstein is to the field of physics.

From hand-drawn diagrams to silver-stained microtomes highlighting the structure of the brain, the exhibit’s 80 original pieces (on loan from the Cajal Institute in Madrid, Spain) show us a glimpse of what was seen by a founding father of neuroscience as he attempted to figure out not only what was on our minds, but what our minds are made of.



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