This week’s “Tu for Two” is a special Halloween edition in which Chela ventures to Bynum Bridge to be part of the spooky, seasonal fun.

“At dusk, we bring all of the pumpkins down to the bridge spanning the Haw and light them and invite people from all over to come stroll the bridge and admire our handiwork,” said Ron Hatley, one of the bridge ferriers.

With all the pumpkins on display, locals and visitors alike are welcomed to come down to the bridge — in the fall or any other time of year — to take in one of the area’s finest sights.



“Tu for Two” is a recurring series presented by the Ackland Art Museum that chronicles the bi-weekly adventures of WCHL’s Chela Tu as she explores some of the lesser-known gems around town. Join Chela on Mondays as she ventures out into Orange County and beyond to find the most delicious food, the most amazing activities and experiences new things with some of the most interesting people!