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You may remember Kristen from her weekly conversation with Aaron Keck to give the Short & Sweet Business Beat. She’s back but for a limited time only. Inspired by so many women entrepreneurs and business owners she’s met and known, she decided to feature one woman a day in March on social media (follow her on Instagram and Twitter) in honor of Women’s History Month. Follow along and let us know your favorite women entrepreneurs. A digest of Kristen’s posts will appear right here in the Town Square section of Chapelboro each Friday in March. Are you a woman in business? What advice would you give to other women?

Aaron Keck talked to Kristen on-air about her social media series on March 8, 2018, also International Women’s Day. Click below to hear their conversation:


Focus on Women Entrepreneurs (1 of 5)

I’m going to try to focus more on friends and local folks when featuring women entrepreneurs, but tonight, all eyes are on the red carpet. And so I want to feature Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss, the founders of @renttherunway, a company where you rent, instead of buying, designer fashions. These women have both created a majority-female company (“Women make up half the board, 70 percent of the employees, 62 percent of the corporate employees and an astonishing 75 percent of the executive team,” as reported by @huffpost) AND achieved “unicorn” status with their company being valued at over $1 billion. I’ve used #RTR to look and feel confident for important presentations and meetings in addition to ensuring I don’t wear the same thing to every wedding and fundraiser. I’m interested in seeing what women wear on the red carpet tonight, but even more so, I’m looking forward to seeing what entrepreneurs these female founders inspire. #womenshistorymonth #oscars #unicorn🦄 #femalefounders p.s. If you’re interested in trying Rent the Runway, use this code for $30 off: #Repost @renttherunway with @get_repost

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One day I decided to sign up for a calligraphy class (I don’t remember why, probably to have a break in all the evening meetings) and I ended up not only trying my hand at calligraphy, but also hearing an amazing story of entrepreneurship from Maghon Taylor. Maghon Taylor is the brains, heart, and hands behind @allshewrotenotes where you can get custom calligraphy, beautiful personalized gifts, and sign up for a class! I hope she tells the story of her business at every class—it is inspiring! I’m particularly captivated by her story too because she is a UNC alumna and doodle mom! And today only, she’s offering $10 off a digital name plate so you can use the image in whatever way you choose. (I’m deciding between Kristen, Kristen Caroline, or The Youngs, but it would be the perfect wedding gift or baby gift if you know the name). If you’re on Instagram, follow both @allshewrotenotes and @teddy_confetti_ and order the digital name plate online at #womenshistorymonth #doodlemom #tarheel #Repost @allshewrotenotes with @get_repost

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According to Facebook today, we’ve been friends for ten years. But in reality, we’ve been friends since fourth grade. And who knew that nearly three decades later, your best friend is still your best friend and is successful woman entrepreneur. Lee Heyward (@prosperousimage) started picking out outfits for me as I prepared for middle school, but now she helps executives market themselves by creating their brand. An author of two books, she helps entrepreneurs and teams alike get an edge in business. And she’s saved my rear so many times and helped me pick out what to wear for the most important times in my life. Happy #InternationalWomensDay to you Lee and hope other executives and entrepreneurs consider working with one of my favorite woman business owners. #WomensHistoryMonth #Repost @prosperousimage with @get_repost

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