Tu For Two

Tu for Two: Goin’ fast!

Follow Chela to Orange County Speedway, just 30 minutes north of Chapel Hill, and meet drivers and fans, both young and old with a common love for racing! Hear how flagman Brandon Willard brings his artistic flare to the races.

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Tu for Two: Salon

“A gathering of intellectual, social, and cultural elites, verging on the raffish, under the roof of an inspiring hostess to enjoy an afternoon of art, music, and conversation for the purpose of refinement of tastes, increased knowledge and, above all, amusement.”

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Tu for Two: Laina Loves Alpacas

Chela pays a visit to M&M Alpaca Farms of NC in Pittsboro for a tour with Leslie and Laina. Alpacas are cute, curious animals the require very specific care. There’s a lot to love and learn about these furry camelids!

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