Orange County’s first winery and cidery is found just north of Hillsborough, situated amidst a picturesque blueberry farm on Persimmon Hill Lane. The brews you’ll find at Botanist & Barrel are made using hyper-local ingredients and methods that blur the line between bewing, wine-making and mixology. The result is something truly special that only be found right here in North Carolina.

Founded by the brother-sister team of Lyndon and Kether Smith, Botanist & Barrel’s ciders have a history that stretches back to Kether’s early days fermenting vegetables and brewing beer at home and Lyndon’s childhood spent foraging for fruits. Now, the siblings work together making raw, wild, unfiltered beverages with no additives or forced carbonation. Their creations are wholly unique, aged in barrels that once contained everything from tequila to maple syrup, and entirely local – right down to the corks. Listen below to hear their conversation with WCHL’s own Ron Stutts as they discuss their farm, their beverages and the community that supports them!