This week’s edition of “This is Tourism” is all about Hillsborough! Hillsborough is roughly fifteen minutes away from Chapel Hill, measuring drive time from downtown to downtown, and those couple miles make a big difference – whether you’re talking daytime activities or nighttime attractions.

A town with history and culture to spare, Hillsborough’s relatively recent developments in its Riverwalk and greenway programs have made the town into a haven for people like John Rees. Join WCHL’s Ron Stutts and listen to the full conversation below as they talk over everything from cycling and running in Orange County to quality cups of coffee and the idea of “tactical urbanism.”


This weekly segment uncovers the local impact the tourism industry has on our community, told through the stories of the people who make tourism flourish in Orange County. Listen during the Ron Stutts Show every Thursday at 8:40 for a new “This is Tourism” live interview!