CHAPEL HILL – The No. 1 seeded UNC women’s soccer team is plagued with injuries, but Head Coach Anson Dorrance says that’s not keeping his Tar Heels from competing.

“Right now we’re playing without two of our best,” Coach Dorrance says. “Local star Cailtin Ball is out for the season with concussion issues. We’re able to compete well and dominate games despite losing a great player like her. Crystal Dunn is also out right now—last year’s national player of the year—and yet we’re still competing favorably. So a part of our strength, I think, is our depth. Now, we should get Crystal back eventually”

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NCAA Women’s Soccer Bracket

Coach Dorrance says winning a No. 1 seed was key, especially due to the placement of the College Cup.

“If we can play well, we have the opportunity to host every game on route to the Final-Four weekend for us, which of course is right over here in Cary,” Coach Dorrance says.

All four No. 1 seeds come from the ACC as Virginia took the overall No. 1 seed and Virginia Tech and Florida State round out the list. Coach Dorrance says it’s hard enough worrying about the ACC foes during the regular season.

“It sort of shares the nightmare that all of us go through as conference coaches trying to fight through the conference,” Coach Dorrance says. “Every team is a nightmare to play against. We also got eight teams selected, which is more than any other conference. I think that’s a wonderful tribute to the players and coaches in our league. And, honestly, we’re all very proud of that.”

The defending national champions are seeking their 22nd NCAA and 23rd overall national title.