Two acts of goodwill by Hillsborough Police have the community feeling the holiday spirit.

The most recent of those came on Thanksgiving Day when Officers Blackwell and Wilson were on patrol and spotted some children playing on a broken trampoline.

“Our officers noticed some kids playing on a damaged trampoline, saw that it was unsafe and went out and find what they needed to repair the trampoline and make it safe for the kids,” said Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens.

The officers’ actions were recorded on the police department’s Facebook Page.

This came weeks after Officer Keith Bradshaw and his partner spent $140 on groceries for struggling mother Theresa West after she was caught shoplifting from Food Lion.

West informed the officers that she and her children had not eaten in three days, and they decided to go the extra mile to help her.

Stevens says these acts of kindness are not isolated incidents for his police department.

“We’ve seen this over and over again with our police department,” said Stevens. “They hear that some kids had their bicycles stolen, they replace the bicycles. We have a bicycle helmet program: you see kids with a helmet, you give them a certificate for an ice cream at McDonalds, and if they don’t have a helmet, you give them a helmet.”