CHAPEL HILL – Chapel Hill Police confirms that the condo where an alleged murder took place Wednesday night is the sight of numerous complaints.

Michelle Denise McClinton is charged with 1st degree murder in the stabbing death of her husband, Darryn Maurice Dye.

The incident took place in the condo of Dye’s sister, Angela Gilmore, which is unit G3 in the Brookside Condominiums on Hillsborough Street. Eric Plow, a member of the board of directors at the Brookside Homeowners Association, says there have been multiple complaints about fights, yelling and drunken behavior at G3.

“No one was surprised that a murder occurred in this unit because, for the past couple of years, we’ve had numerous, numerous neighbor complaints and police calls at this apartment,” Plow says.

Chapel Hill police patrol captain Danny Lloyd says police were called to the apartment in question three times this year, with Wednesday’s incident being the fourth.

Mary Jean Seyda, chief operations officer for CASA, says CASA was aware of the complaints from other Brookside residents and was in communication with the Brookside HOA and the apartment’s tenants. Seyda also says that the lease for G3 was near expiration.

“Our most recent action was on June 20 when we notified the HOA that CASA is not renewing the tenant’s lease, effective August 31,” Seyda says.

Gilmore say that McClinton and Dye stepped outside to have a conversation, and when they came back inside, McClinton retrieved a knife and “poked” Dye in the chest and “he just fell out on the floor.”

Police responded to a reported assault and arrived shortly after 10:00 p.m. Dye was pronounced dead at the scene.