Timothy Parnell. Photo via Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Orange County authorities have made an arrest in connection with a murder earlier this month where a woman was found dead in her front yard.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of 58-year-old Timothy Wade Parnell, of Roxboro, for murder in the case.

Parnell is accused of killing Anne H. Kirkpatrick at her Hurdle Mills home on September 8. An off-duty deputy who lives nearby found Kirkpatrick in her front yard.

Parnell was one of two individuals who Kirkpatrick had taken out domestic violence protective orders against. The other man was her husband; the two were separated.

The second protective order, against Parnell, came after a July 17 incident “where he allegedly became angry when he thought Kirkpatrick looked at another man in a restaurant,” according to the sheriff’s office. Parnell then allegedly grabbed Kirkpatrick by the wrist and neck “frightening her enough that she jumped out of the vehicle and got into a stranger’s vehicle to escape.”

Both men initially had alibis, according to law enforcement.

“This investigation was time consuming and difficult,” Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood said in a release. “Although several residents nearby later reported hearing shots earlier that morning, no one called 911 and no one witnessed the murder.”

Parnell cooperated with the investigation, officials said. As investigators worked through the evidence, “they discovered inconsistencies in Parnell’s account of his activities.”

A $5,000 reward was authorized for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

“We received a tremendous amount of material as a result of our search warrants,” Blackwood said. “Our investigators used good old fashioned detective work enhanced by the benefits of modern technology. Diligence and patience solved this case. I am very happy we were able to make an arrest. I hope it brings comfort to Ms. Kirkpatrick’s family and restores a sense of safety to the Brown Road community.”

Parnell is being held in the Orange County jail without bond. In addition to the murder charge, he is facing three counts of violating a domestic violence protective order. Parnell is scheduled to make his first court appearance Friday afternoon.