On March 4, the North Carolina Board of Elections closed the opportunity for residents to throw their names into primary elections at the federal, state and local government levels this year.

The 2022 cycle is set to be an important one for North Carolina’s General Assembly, as well as representation in U.S. Congress and in county governments. The earliest stages of those elections had a rocky start, however, as the voting districts crafted by the state legislature were challenged and struck down in court for being gerrymandered to favor Republican candidates too strongly. Now, North Carolina is moving ahead with new district lines approved by the state Supreme Court — although Republican lawmakers are trying to challenge the validity of the congressional map at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Locally, there are several races in Orange and Chatham counties. In addition to the respective Board of Commissioners elections, there are also sheriff races, an election for the local District Attorney position and more.

Here is the list of candidates, for select local elections in Orange and Chatham counties, who filed with the North Carolina Board of Elections.

Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by first name and parties in alphabetical order. Incumbents in local races have their names bolded.

Orange County

U.S. House of Representatives (District 04)

  • Ashley Ward (D)
  • Clay Aiken (D)
  • Crystal Cavalier (D)
  • Matt Grooms (D)
  • Nida Allam (D)
  • Richard L. Watkins (D)
  • Stephen J. Valentine (D)
  • Valerie P. Foushee (D)
  • Robert Thomas (R)
  • Courtney Geels (R)


N.C. House District 50

  • Matt Hughes (D)
  • Renee Price (D)
  • Charles Lopez (R)


N.C. House District 56

  • Allen Buansi (D)
  • Jonah Garson (D)


N.C. Senate District 23

  • Graig Meyer (D)
  • Jamie DeMent Holcomb (D)
  • Bill Cooke (R)
  • Landon Woods (R)


Board of Orange County Commissioners

  • Jamezetta Bedford (D) — District 1
  • Anna Richards (D) — District 1
  • Earl McKee (D) — District 2
  • Sally Greene (D) — At-Large


Orange County Board of Education

  • Andre Richmond
  • Anne Purcell
  • Ashley Wheeler
  • Bethni Lee
  • Garen McClure
  • Penny King
  • Sarah Smylie
  • Will Atherton


Carrboro Town Council (Special Election)

  • Aja Kelleher
  • Eliazar Posada


District Attorney (District 18 in Orange and Chatham Counties)

  • Jeff Nieman (D)
  • Kayley Taber (D)


NC Superior Court Judge District 15B – Seat 01

  • Alyson A. Grine (D)


NC Superior Court Judge District 15B – Seat 02

  • Allen Baddour (D)


NC District Court Judge District 15B – Seat 01

  • C. Todd Roper (D)


Orange County Clerk of Superior Court

  • Mark Kleinschmidt (D)


Orange County Register of Deeds

  • Mark Chilton (D)
  • Penny Rich (D)


Orange County Sheriff

  • Charles Blackwood


Chatham County

N.C. House District 54

  • Robert T. Reives (D)
  • Craig Kinsey (R)
  • Walter Petty (R)


N.C. Senate District 20

  • Natalie S. Murdock (D)
  • Alvin Reed (R)


Board of Chatham County Commissioners

  • David Delaney (D) — District 3
  • Lewis Hendricks (D) — District 3
  • Tom Glendinning (R) — District 3
  • Albert Reddick (D) — District 4
  • Katie Kenlan (D) — District 4
  • Travis Patterson (D) — District 4
  • Joseph (Joe) Godfrey (R) — District 4
  • Franklin Gomez Flores (D) — District 5
  • Peyton Moody (R) — District 5


Chatham County Sheriff

  • Mike Roberson (D)
  • Marcus Globuschutz (R)


North Carolina’s primary election day is set for Tuesday, May 17, with early voting starting on Thursday, April 28.

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