Chela visits Krave for some kava!


Chela and Krave owner Elizabeth Gardner toast “Bula!” Elizabeth says that “(kava) will never alter your mind, it’ll just alter your mood.”

“Kava is a plant that grows naturally on the tropical islands of Vanuatu and Fiji in the South Pacific, where it has a history dating back over 1,500 years. In these lands, natural ingredients for distilling alcohol are scarce, so natives harvest the kava plant and make a tea from its roots, enjoying the beverage as a source of relaxation, socialization, and meditation.”-


You might be lucky enough to meet one of these friendly guys at Krave!

This is Todd the puppy. Krave is a pet-friendly business where you might meet a hairless cat or even a ferret!

Krave has a special event space with a wave wall that hosts tons of events like Krave Raves, Kava with a Cop and a KRAVEmas Potluck!

This is thirsty Thirston, created by Tiki artist Jake Shelton.