I always prefer to read and write about positive things. Nowadays, in all the media, there is too much negativity, and so little about good things that can change people’s lives. Just the other day was happy news about WCHL’s going ”local” again. Since coming to Chapel Hill in the 70s, it was our anchor, and for those who lived in the listening area, we could always depend on hearing things that mattered to us, now it will be even more so. Thank you for doing this, WCHL.

In Chapel Hill, we are blessed with many good things. In particular, I want to hone in on one story which has the potential of giving a family the American dream, and I am delighted to be part of it. Obviously I cannot be specific, but you will get the general understanding of it.

I was not very familiar with the Chapel Hill Public School Foundation until I was asked if I would be interested in teaching a young man with a special talent. There was no money for lessons from the family coming from another country, but it was obvious this family cared about nurturing the children and had a high respect for education.

Over the summer, the Foundation gave grants to the family for summer camps and lessons. A couple of weeks ago, at the board meeting of the Foundation, two of the children gave presentations of the work they had done over the summer, and the mother gave a  heartwarming talk about how much this had enriched her children’s lives and how grateful she was for the help the Foundation gave her. This gratefulness showed in the way the children conducted themselves at the meeting when describing their experiences in the camps, the work they had done with their teachers, and showed how respectful they are when meeting new people.  These children are the future of the United States, and with the help of local communities will become good citizens. I urge those of you who are philanthropists, to please support your local foundations so they can look after local families. It takes a village to help those in need. Not a town, not a city, not a country. Local.

— Jane Salemson


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