Ron Stutts interviewed Catherine Palomba and Sue Kopkind from WomanCraft Gifts for “This is Tourism” on Thursday, March 15. WomanCraft Gifts is a retail gift store located in the heart of Carrboro. All gifts are  handmade by over 60 local artists. WomanCraft Gifts is run by member artists and has no paid employees.

“We actually get lots of people that are from out of the country. We’ve had people from Australia, Japan… They are always thrilled when they find the store. It takes them a minute to realize what they’re seeing, that they’re seeing everything that’s locally made, and done by the people that they’re talking to. So they are usually very appreciated of the experience.” -Catherine Palomba

“It’s wonderful to be able to explain the process and show them how you do it, and they’re very interested in that. At one time we had a map of the world, we used to put pins or little dots, where gifts were going or where people were from and it was very interesting!” -Sue Kopkind