A historical plaque to be ceremonially unveiled Tuesday at the entrance of Carrboro Town Hall commemorates the town’s roots and its commitments to the goals of social equity. But conversations about markers for other pieces of Carrboro history are already in the works.

In late March, the Board of Aldermen heard updates from the town task force behind the Truth Plaque at town hall. Truth Plaque Task Force member and Alderwoman Jacquie Gist said she was looking forward to continued conversations with town elders at future meetings.

“We really should meet in a different venue where there is food and drink because the conversation is always just all these village elders getting together and remembering, so its just wonderful,” she said.

She said the task force of local longtime residents was an important source of local history for the town.

“We’re going to be able to capture this conversation and this history, that so far we haven’t.”

The next project for the task force would mark the site of the Freedman’s School and Hackney School on Main Street. Freedman’s and Hackney were local schools for the areas black community that opened following the Civil War.

A list of other sites currently in consideration by the task force included the Carr Mill Mall, St. Paul’s AME Church and a World War 2 ammo factory.

The initial truth plaque ceremony is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at Carrboro Town Hall.