Lloyd’s Dairy Farm is one of the oldest continuing agricultural operations in the United States, and you’ll find it right here in Orange County. The farm has been family-owned and operated for over 10 generations, and today you’ll find Lloyd’s Dairy taking part in the booming agritourism industry developing in our area. Listen below to hear Craig and Ben Lloyd talk about their family farm and experiences as part of the local community with WCHL’s own Ron Stutts! 

The farm and barn are open not just for agriculture, but for everything from weddings to company retreats. Across 700 acres of farmland and a 15,000 square-foot barn, there’s certainly room for both! The farm is also home to the Tar Heel Antiques Festival, an event in late March that fills an entire weekend with antiques vendors, booths, appraisals and an on-site auction. For the upcoming Tar Heel Antiques Festival, Lloyd’s is looking to contribute to the Meridian Community Foundation, a charitable organization that is hoping to build a large park in Northern Orange County.


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