It didn’t take long for DeSean Jackson to work out a deal with Mack Hollins for his old jersey number.

During his re-introductory press conference with the Philadelphia Eagles, Jackson shared that he had “worked it out” with Hollins to acquire the No. 10 jersey. Hollins had previously worn No. 10 in his first two seasons with the Eagles.

This probably made Eagles fans very happy, as they now can re-wear the No. 10 Jackson jersey from his first tenure with the Eagles.

There has been no confirmation on which number Hollins will switch to, but the No. 13 jersey that Hollins wore during his time with UNC is currently taken by fellow wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

Hollins joked on social media that helping fans save money made him feel like a particular anthropomorphic gecko.

Hopefully Hollins received something good in exchange from Jackson, who signed a three-year deal with the Eagles through 2021.