Former UNC wide receiver Mack Hollins is living the good life in Philadelphia. He earned his first career Super Bowl ring in his rookie season, his college position coach is joining him in the City of Brotherly Love and the Eagles are set up to make another run next year.

Hollins should see more opportunities on the field next year in the Eagles’ high scoring offense, but has one fatal flaw that is holding him back from success: he only has one touchdown celebration.

Touchdown celebrations are what make or break superstars in the NFL. With the league relaxing its rules on celebrations, many players have taken advantage to perform complex maneuvers for fan enjoyment.

So far, Hollins has only performed the ‘backpack kid’ dance as a celebration. Made famous by 15-year old Russell Horning during Katy Perry’s musical performance on Saturday Night Live, the dance is a back-and-forth motion with the arms that is more complex than it looks.

Hollins performed the dance after his first career touchdown, a 64-yard catch against the Washington Redskins.

Just recently, Hollins was in attendance for the Philadelphia 76ers’ game against the Denver Nuggets where he was tagged on the ‘Backpack Kid Dance Cam.’ To the surprise of no one, he executed the dance perfectly.

Entering his second year in the NFL, Hollins has many things to work on in order to become a star player. For one, he needs to upgrade his arsenal of touchdown celebrations. Hopefully, we will be able to see many of them this upcoming season.