This week’s Hometown Heroes, presented by Hendrick Southpoint, are 97.9 The Hill’s own Ali Evans and her husband, Brian — who stepped up to help when they came upon a car accident.

Ali and Brian were the first people on the scene at a car accident on I-54 west of Carrboro, according to Orange County Sheriff’s Office PIO Alicia Stemper.

“The woman was from out of town dealing with her own injuries,” said Stemper. “She had two injured children and she had two dogs that had run off. She’s got to get in an ambulance with her kids and go get medical treatment.”

It was at that moment that Ali and Brian stepped in to help.

“Someone found one of the dogs,” Stemper said. “Ali stepped up and offered to take that dog and keep that dog for a stranger for an unknown period of time, without knowing the dogs disposition or how it was going to. I just think it was a really big act of kindness.”

Brian Evans and one of the dogs involved in the car accident. (Photo via Ali Evans)

Stemper said Ali and Brian’s presence at the crash scene made the chaotic situation a little bit easier. In addition, Brian helped the kids get out of the car immediately after the accident.

The story has a happy ending — the second dog was found not long thereafter and they have all since been reunited.

“Our mission is to be responsive to the needs of all members of our community, as well as to those who visit or travel through our great county,” said Stemper. “Well here’s Ali helping us be responsive to the needs of someone who is visiting or traveling through our great county.

“It just makes it better for all of us, right? When people will step out of their comfort zone to do something for somebody else who’s really in a crisis.”

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