This week’s Hometown Heroes, presented by Hendrick Southpoint, are the 28 women recently featured in Chapel Hill’s digital history project, “I Was Still Singing,” highlighting the role that women played in the civil rights movement here in Chapel Hill.

“Women have played such a tremendous part,” said Danita Mason Hogans, the creative director for the project. “They really held the community together and difficult times and really fought to make Chapel Hill something that was a good place for everyone.”

“I Was Still Singing” was created from dozens of oral and video histories, primary source documents and photographs, and many meetings with local community elders to listen and learn about Chapel Hill’s history.

See the project documentaries and learn more at the official website for “I Was Still Singing.”

The women honored in the project are listed below (click on their names to learn more):

Alice Battle

Anna Richards

Annie B. Hargett

Barbara Bynum

Betty Geer

Bonita Joyce

Carolyn Daniels

Carolyn B. Jefferson

Clem Self

Collene R. Rogers

Coretta Sharpless

Edna Taylor

Foster Sisters

Jerdene Alston

Juanita Alston

Karen Reid

Lillie Perry Atwater

Marjorie Land

Nettie P. Burnette

Patricia Mason

Pearl Cole

Rashii Purefoy

Stephanie Terry

Theresa Watson

Vernelle Jones

Virginia Davis

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