Durham Tech students use their education to get out in the world and do great things, but finding the funding for students to be successful in their higher education pursuits isn’t always easy.

The “Forge Great Futures” campaign hopes to raise a substantial amount of money that will further initiatives that develop talent, provide experience and help shape the future of Durham Tech students through opportunity and education. 

Willis Whichard and Aaron Keck

“The goal is to raise 5 million for Durham Tech,” said Willis Whichard, co-chair of the “Forge Great Futures” campaign, in an interview with WCHL’s Aaron Keck. “And there are two main items that this will be used for. One is for workforce development, building the tools and technology to upgrade learning spaces across the Durham tech campuses and equip them with equipment and supplies that mirrors the industries for which their students are being prepared. The rest for student support, for scholarships to enable people who might otherwise not be able to get this education to do it.”

The campaign’s specific focus is to upgrade and improve existing learning space and laboratory spaces, and further provisions are being made to expand student aid and scholarships to make high-quality education available for a greater number of students.

According to Durham Tech’s website, donations and gifts to the campaign have already supported several workforce-related projects — including “an expansion of the Information Technology career pathway, a partnership with Durham Public Schools to begin the WayMakers: Skilled Trades Pathway, and a new Electrical Line Technician program.”

You can listen to the full conversation between WCHL’s Aaron Keck and Whichard below, and hear more about the “Forge Great Futures” campaign and its efforts to improve Durham Tech.  You can also click here to learn more about how Durham Tech is doing great things.


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