As the academic year comes to a close, join us as we take a look back at all the ways that Durham Tech and its students do great things.

Aaron Keck, Penny Gluck, Melissa Oakley Ockert, Nathan Hardin,

Over the past year, WCHL’s Aaron Keck has been joined by students, faculty, staff and professionals who work to create and inspire initiatives at Durham Tech that helps move students forward into the world beyond the classroom. Through the opportunity and education that comes along with a locally-focused and fast-growing place for higher education and technical training, students from Durham Tech have bright futures.

Listen below to a special segment discussing some of the “Durham Tech is Doing Great Things” highlights from the past year — and how those stories have developed. Joining Aaron Keck for this conversation are:

  • Nathan Hardin, Durham Tech’s director of marketing and communications
  • Penny Gluck, executive dean of Orange County services and and executive director of community affairs
  • Melissa Oakley Ockert, dean and department head of health technologies.

You can also click here to visit the full archive of past segments from the “Durham Tech is Doing Great Things” series.


Each month we will profile a “Do Great Things” initiative from Durham Tech with in-studio guest interviews and interactive articles on This feature showcases some of the inspiring initiatives and programs at Durham Tech that make our community proud.