Students at Durham Technical Community College have options aplenty when it comes to their future, from further higher education to direct application of trade skills. Two paths for students to do great things that are gaining recognition at Durham Tech are the C-STEP and C3 programs — which provide a clear path for students to finish their education at UNC-CH and NC State, respectively.

In order to qualify for the programs, students at Durham Tech must be from a low-to-moderate income background and wish to transfer after earning an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science or an Associate of Engineering degree at Durham Tech. Opportunities for students to take classes at their eventual four-year universities, either UNC-CH or NC State, may also be presented while students are taking classes at Durham Tech.

Aaron Keck, Lea Bingham, Kara Battle and DeCarlos Hickson

Students who complete their degree at Durham Tech and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 will be guaranteed admission to their transfer school, where they will enter as junior students and complete their course of study to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

Students in C-STEP and C3 are provided extensive advising, mentoring and support during their transition and transfer process, and their education at Durham Tech serves to academically prepare them to fully engage in their new campus community.

Join Aaron Keck as he speaks with Lea Bingham, the Assistant Dean of University Transfer at Durham Tech; Kara Battle, Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences and the C3 Coordinator; and DeCarlos Hickson, a former Durham Tech student who is enrolled at UNC-CH through the C-Step program!