CHAPEL HILL – UNC’s football freshman are truly being introduced to the fast-paced offense of Larry Fedora, and after three days of practice, the Head Coach said the newcomers are going to prove to be strong assets for the 2013 Tar Heels, but the when is still unknown.

“Yea we’ve seen some flashes from all of them actually, all of them,” Fedora said. “Now who’s going to be mature enough; who’s gonna be emotionally mature enough to handle it, the grind of camp, you know the 29 practices that take you into that first game. You know I don’t know; the jury is still out there because we’re only in day three.”

Coach Fedora’s comments were made during Meet the Heels at Kenan Stadium Saturday.

UNC begins its season on August 29 against the South Carolina Game Cocks.

“I think it’s a tremendous opportunity that’s been provided to us that we get to open up on national TV against a great football team,” Fedora said. “So I mean what an opportunity for our football team, to showcase who we really who the 2013 Tar Heels are.”

With the new season many people have been wondering which freshmen players to keep an eye on.

Some of the senior players said they have worked with the freshmen to help bring them into the team. Senior Defensive End Kareem Martin said the newcomers are really bonding well with the team.

“Yeah, definitely, because they see that we’re comfortable with everybody,” Martin said. “Everyone is always comfortable with their position groups, but we’re showing them that it’s ok to go, to be good friends with a running back and you’re a defensive end or something you know. So I think it’s just a lot of unity that’s gonna be built based off what we’ve and coach Fedora has brought here.”

Coach Fedora said he’s seen the year worth of  improvements since last season in players like Bryn Renner, Quinshad Davis, Ryan Switzer, and Kendrick Singleton. He said that he plans on continuing with maturity on the field.

“Well yea, I mean we obviously want to cut down on the big plays that we gave up last year and we wanna create more turnovers,” Fedora said. “Those two things have been a point of emphasis.”

Several players are in their senior year and said they look forward to having their strongest year, like Tre Boston.

“We’re comfortable; we’re able to play,” Boston said. “Last year I don’t think we were as comfortable and able to play as much as we will this year. “We see it now in training camp, first couple of days we’re ready to play. We know our plays and we know the playbook like the back of our hands.”

As preseason camp continues for UNC, the team will continue to improve and prepare for the upcoming season.