Story originally posted August 27, 2014, 6:25 p.m.

UNC football head coach Larry Fedora announced the suspension of four players Wednesday for violation of team policies.

“We’re going to hold all our guys accountable for everything they do on the field and off the field,” Coach Fedora said. “We also have very high expectations for guys in this program, and they didn’t meet those expectations.”

UNC Investigating Football Training Camp Incident

Cornerbacks Des Lawrence, M.J. Stewart, and Brian Walker, as well as Donnie Miles will sit out the season opener against Liberty on Saturday.

Left to Right: Des Lawrence, Donnie Miles, M.J. Stewart, Brian Walker

Left to Right: Des Lawrence, Donnie Miles, M.J. Stewart, Brian Walker

Coach Fedora said the decision of a one-game suspension is final and he doesn’t foresee further suspensions for those players on the field. He said he also didn’t expect any other players to be added to the list.

Source: UNC Investigating ‘Prank Gone Wrong’

Coach Fedora wouldn’t say more about what the players did that got them suspended other than violating team policy. He said the investigation by the office of student affairs is still underway.

“We’re getting to a point where I had enough information to make a decision,” Coach Fedora said.

He said he has not been a part of the investigation and that the office of student affairs has complete control over it.

Lawrence and Walker are starters on the defense, both at the cornerback position. Stewart is the top backup at that position, and Miles is a backup at the Ram position.

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