CHAPEL HILL – P.J. Hairston’s citation for reckless driving Sunday afternoon outside Salisbury adds to his June arrest for possession of marijuana and driving without a license in which the charges were dropped and a speeding charge from May.

“This is stupid,”’s Art Chansky says. “I can’t think of another word.”

Chansky is also the host of Sport’s Notebook on WCHL.

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Chansky says perception now plays a major role in the future of Carolina basketball and Hairston’s role in it.

“Well, I think Roy was in a tough situation to begin with, because even though all the charges were dropped, we’re still–as we’ve talked about for many weeks now–we’re still talking about the perception and appearance for the sake of the University, which is maybe something that should not be heaped on one player,” Chansky says. “But, nevertheless, it’s kind of an ongoing story with our athletic department.”

UNC Athletics released a statement Sunday evening stating Hairston is suspended from the team indefinitely. Before Sunday’s citation and before the June 5 charges were dismissed, the only other statement released by Williams said in part, “PJ and I have had several discussions already and he knows he has made serious mistakes and there will be serious consequences as a result.”

“What comes of this now, I think, is going to depend on how P.J. reacts to this and how Roy and Bubba Cunningham decide how they want to proceed because of just what it looks like,” Chansky says.