CHAPEL HILL – Your Friday morning commute was a slow one if Fordham Boulevard is your normal route.

“The accident that occurred on Fordham Boulevard near Kings Mill Road this morning was in the northbound lanes,” Chapel Hill Police Public Information Sgt. Brian Walker says. “Initial reports were that seven vehicles were involved. When officers arrived on scene, I believe they discovered that there were actually five vehicles involved.”

Sgt. Walker says police were investigating the cause of the accident, but that information was not immediately available.

“One person was trapped in their vehicle—at least temporarily until the fire department arrived and was able to free them,” Sgt. Walker says. “That is the only person that was transported to the hospital in that accident.”

Sgt. Walker says the extent of the injuries was not immediately known but that CHPD believed they were fairly serious.

The northbound lanes of Fordham Blvd. were closed for about an hour between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m.