David Price speaking at anti-gun violence rally at UNC. Photo via Blake Hodge.

On the heels of President Donald Trump pulling the United States out of the Iran deal, local congressman David Price said the move represented “the worst day of the Trump presidency.”

Price, the Democrat representing North Carolina’s Fourth Congressional District, was one of several Democratic House members voicing their opposition to the move last week in a press conference organized by minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

“The historic agreement negotiated with five partners,” Price said, “eliminated the threat of a nuclear Iran without firing a single shot, without taking one life.”

Price said the move damages the United States’ credibility globally.

“In isolating us from our partners,” Price said, “[Trump] has put Israel – put the entire region – at greater risk and has diminished our leverage to hold Tehran accountable.”

This move to pull out of the agreement jeopardizes, Price said, the ability for US officials to maintain surveillance in Iran and “we fracture the international unity needed to thwart Iran’s other threatening activities.”

“With no strategy in Iran, no strategy in the Middle East, the president has taken a wrecking ball to US leadership and leverage around the world,” Price said. “He’s imposed on Americans a manufactured and self-inflicted crisis with potentially far-reaching and historic consequences.”

Price supported the Iran deal when it was agreed to in 2015. Other parties to the agreement seem to be working toward ways to continue the deal without the involvement of the United States.

Price won the primary race in the heavily Democratic Fourth Congressional District earlier this month. He will face a candidate from both the Republican and Libertarian parties in November.