Downtown Carrboro. Photo via Chapelboro.

Downtown Carrboro. Picture via Christian Bonnano.

Carrboro’s Board of Alderman held a public hearing on its yearly budget last week, offering citizens an opportunity to get involved in the process.

Carrboro Mayor Lydia Lavelle says that this year could be an opportunity to tackle some projects that the town has been deferring on for several years, which could require a tax increase.

“That’s something we haven’t had in many, many years,” Lavelle said. “But if we do, that we want to make sure we do it thoughtfully and with a good deal of input and with some really smart forecasting,” said Lavelle.

Some of the projects Lavelle referenced are renovating Town Hall and the public works facility and continuing to build sidewalks and greenways.

“We’re in a very solid financial position,” said Lavelle. “The time is probably here to look at some of these items that we’ve been putting off.”

Town manager David Andrews is scheduled to present his budget to the Board of Alderman on May 1 after meeting with each board member individually along with the department heads.

The board then will hold a work session on the manager’s recommended budget on May 8, followed by a public hearing on May 22.

The final budget is tentatively set to be adopted on June 19.

Last Tuesday’s meeting can be seen in its entirety at the town’s website.