A construction project on Churton Street in downtown Hillsborough is nearly completed after seven months.

The project ran into one final hurdle last week when a gas line was punctured during the installation of a new guardrail along the east side of Churton Street between the Eno River Bridge and the intersection with Nash and Kollock Street.

The accident caused a lane closure on Churton Street until the installation was completed.

“I appreciate everyone’s patience and support throughout the project and especially this week as we dealt with the gas line break,” said Hillsborough Public Space manager Stephanie Trueblood.

“I am very thankful that the situation was brought under control quickly, nobody was hurt, the repair was made and the guardrail was installed overnight,” she went on to say.

The last major piece of the project yet to be completed is installing a handrail along the historic rock wall that divides the sidewalk on the west side of South Churton Street, which will be finished tomorrow.

Traffic cones will be removed and parking spaces will be available for public use on Tuesday as well.