Several construction projects are underway in Hillsborough.

Contractors began work last Tuesday on a project to divert additional Cates Creek Park stormwater runoff.

One of the problems this project seeks to solve is pollutants from the parking lot reaching water sources.

“The runoff from the parking lot flows into a small creek in the park,” Hillsborough Stormwater and Environmental Services manager Terry Hackett said. “It’s eroding a fill slope, and that sediment, along with other pollutants like oil and gas that may leak from parked cars, is reaching the creek. Since it is the mission of the town’s stormwater program to reduce pollution, we need to do something.”

Cates Creek Park will remain open during construction but will have limited parking space.

A new water line in the Interstate-85 corridor is nearing completion as well, which will supply water to businesses in the area along with two new fire hydrants.

The Town of Hillsborough is currently pressure testing the line, along with testing it for bacteria.

A new town hall annex is also being added at the former Hillsborough Medical Center building on East Corbin Street, along with renovations to the Town Barn.

These projects come on the heels of the Churton Street access improvement project, which received its final inspection by N.C. Department of Transportation earlier this month.

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens knows that these kinds of improvements aren’t cheap.

“It’s a real concern,” Stevens says of the cost of these projects. “We already had a pretty tight budget, but these are very important infrastructure projects and they’re only going to get more expensive if we don’t do them.”

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