Two Chatham County residents have been arrested after they were allegedly found in possession of narcotics while trying to post the bond of a third individual.

Authorities said in a release that Chatham County Sheriff’s Office deputies were leaving a leadership training session at the Chatham County Detention Center on Monday, February 5, when “they encountered the overwhelming scent of marijuana radiating from a vehicle parked outside the front door of the facility.”

Deputies searched the vehicle and found “a baggie of marijuana” as well as 14 additional dosage units of THC oil found inside the vehicle.

Law enforcement officials said 31-year-old Frederick Perry, of Pittsboro, was in the vehicle outside the detention center, while 53-year-old John Keiser, of Chapel Hill, was inside the detention center “attempting to post bond for a family member.”

Perry and Keiser were both charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia, according to law enforcement. Both are due in court on February 28.

Photo via Chatham County Sheriff’s Office