UNC doctoral student and activist Maya Little was arrested by UNC Police on Monday.

A statement from UNC Media Relations said Little was arrested on misdemeanor larceny charges while at a photo exhibit by The Genocide Awareness Project, an anti-abortion display.

An arrest report shows Little was charged with misdemeanor larceny, alleging she “took articles from another individuals hand.” Records show Little was released on a written promise to appear in court on November 6.

Little, an anti-hate and anti-racism activist, has previously been arrested by UNC Police. In early 2018, she was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor count of defacing a public monument after she poured a mixture of ink and blood on Confederate statue Silent Sam. Little was also arrested in December 2018 and charged with two misdemeanors during a protest: inciting a riot and assault on a law enforcement officer.

The Orange County judge hearing Little’s defacing a public monument case continued judgment and waived all costs associated with the ruling in 2019, meaning Little faced no further punishment from the charge.