UNC fans get a rare all-access look at the Tar Heels with the ACC Network’s “All-Access with Carolina Basketball” television show.

The first episode debuted on Monday and showcased Roy Williams and his team going through summer workouts, offseason conditioning and starting preseason practices. Here are five takeaways from the first episode:

  1. Roy Williams is stressing the fundamentals with this year’s team. After losing the top five scorers from last year, Williams preached that players will have to step up. The head coach constantly nitpicked the little things throughout the episode such as running on every possession and passing the ball. “If you focus on the small things,” Williams said, “then the big things will come.”
  2. Carolina fans will be familiar with Williams’ “ideas of the day.” The head coach has a different player give the inspirational thought of the day — something Williams learned from Dean Smith. Williams also showed a binder full of motivational quotes that Smith gave him back in the day. The individual index cards were even categorized by date, so Williams could tell exactly when Smith said a different quote.
  3. The theme of the “Carolina family” was obvious throughout the episodes. Former players like Mitch Kupchak, Kenny Williams and Tyler Hansbrough made cameos throughout the episode. Sean May — who played for Williams from 2002-05 — was interviewed extensively in the episode. Williams emphasized the “Carolina family” theme, saying “I will never hire someone who did not play for me.”
  4. Williams is not big on the elaborate walk-on-player-gets-a-scholarship celebrations. While other coaches might go all-out for these type of celebrations, Williams simply walked into the meeting room and announced to his team that K.J. Smith would be placed on scholarship. It was still a very nice moment and cool to see Smith talk to his dad — former UNC star Kenny Smith — about his journey to that moment.
  5. Late Night with Roy was a fun affair, but Williams’ dancing stole the show. None of the players were too keen on dancing, but everyone seemed to have fun watching the head coach take center stage. However, none were willing to criticize Williams on the dance floor. “He pays the checks,” May said, “so I’m not going to say anything bad about his moves.”