Two Durham men have been arrested following a break-in at a Chapel Hill apartment complex.

Authorities say suspects broke into an apartment on Melville Loop around 11:15 Monday morning and stole nearly $3,000 worth of property, including multiple laptops, televisions and jewelry, according to the police report.

Officials say the suspects fled the scene and a report from Durham Police show the suspected vehicle was located in Durham around 11:30 Monday. Arrest reports from Durham Police show that two 49-year-old men – Shawn Rene Jones and Eric Lamont Shaw – were taken into custody just after three o’clock Monday afternoon associated with the break-in.

Jones was charged with three felonies – breaking and entering a building, larceny after burglary and possession of stolen goods. Shaw was charged with felony breaking and entering a building and two misdemeanors.

Chapel Hill Police say there was only one apartment that was broken into but did not release a motive for the incident.

No injuries were reported as part of the burglary.