I’m hardly in that blush of youth (first or otherwise) but, up until this summer, I think I still had some sort of romanticized view of summer.  Even if I wasn’t partaking, I’d picture lemonade by a lake or sailboats at sunset.  I’d imagine less schedule pressure and fewer demands, but it seems as though those may be fantasies brought on by too much viewing of the Norman Rockwell exhibit at the North Carolina Museum of Art a few years back.  

I don’t know about you but it seems like I run twice as hard during the summer.  Part of the problem is that week to week, I don’t know where I’m supposed to be.  Not only where.   But when am I supposed to be where?  This would be problematic if only a bunch of adults were awaiting my arrival but generally I’m checking a spreadsheet to find out which summer program is hosting my son on any given week and its particular schedule.

Each week also has different requirements for lunch and snacks.  Refrigerated or not.  Send money or not.  Plan to be at a culminating event or not.  Does it involve finding a sleeping bag?  What about goggles and a towel?  Sunscreen?  Bug spray?  Both?  Will he re-apply?  

I know the tired joke that parents are glad to have kids return to school because school will have them but I’ll be glad to have school return because I know the rules.  And because I’m tired, not just the joke.  

As usual, I have to find a way to rationalize fitting this bit of musing under the heading of Savvy Spending.  So why don’t you help me?  Tell me how you spend your summer and if you’ve managed to find the sweet spot of serenity in yours.  Leave a comment below or write to me at Donnabeth@Chapelboro.com