Roger Stancil

Happy Boss Day to Chapelboro Bosses

It’s tough to be a boss.  Today is a good time to thank those who have taken on the challenge. So – Happy Boss Day – to all Chapelboro bosses. It’s  also a good day for bosses to remind themselves of the...

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Good Business by the Town of Chapel Hill

There’s a story on my wall which is on my wall as an important reminder.  It goes like this. A boy was working on a project in the garage. He was trying to lift a big box but couldn’t budge it. His father passed by and...

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A Joke, And The Mayor Is Laughing

The latest incarnation of the Chapel Hill Town Government’s fumbling quest to cover up the Yates incident is a joke, and may be the most politically revealing. Town Manager Roger Stancil, and presumably the Mayor and Police...

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Death of a Cynic

     When I attended the first community meeting for Chapel Hill’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan I looked at the hundreds of people gathered at East Chapel Hill High and thought something along the lines of “We’re all wasting our...

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