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Happy Boss Day to Chapelboro Bosses

It’s tough to be a boss.  Today is a good time to thank those who have taken on the challenge. So – Happy Boss Day – to all Chapelboro bosses. It’s  also a good day for bosses to remind themselves of the...

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Good Business by the Town of Chapel Hill

There’s a story on my wall which is on my wall as an important reminder.  It goes like this. A boy was working on a project in the garage. He was trying to lift a big box but couldn’t budge it. His father passed by and...

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A Joke, And The Mayor Is Laughing

The latest incarnation of the Chapel Hill Town Government’s fumbling quest to cover up the Yates incident is a joke, and may be the most politically revealing. Town Manager Roger Stancil, and presumably the Mayor and Police...

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Death of a Cynic

     When I attended the first community meeting for Chapel Hill’s 2020 Comprehensive Plan I looked at the hundreds of people gathered at East Chapel Hill High and thought something along the lines of “We’re all wasting our...

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Big Issues for 2012 and Beyond

It’s nice to say that we begin 2012 with excitement about Chapel Hill 2020 — and REALLY MEAN IT! The plan our stakeholders create will take us well beyond the year 2020 in our vision for a sustainable, vital community. The...

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Framework for Change

A few weeks back I wrote about how a presentation from Chapel Hill Town Manager Roger Stancil had made it crystal clear that services would go down, taxes would go up or we could add to our tax base.  With that in mind I...

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'Tis the Season!

Yes, it ‘tis the season and watching harried people move about trying to do everything that they have on the list proves it, but it’s another season too. This is also recognition season and I’m glad that it is. One of the...

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Why Chapel Hill is Lucky

       I’ve had so much to say over the past few weeks that I’ve found myself virtually (!) tongue-tied.           I couldn’t seem to focus my thoughts about so many less-than-savvy spenders:  the staffer of Kansas Gov....

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