Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger said the new town manager replacing Roger Stancil, who is retiring this fall, was supposed to be announced at Wednesday’s meeting, which is the last meeting until the council returns this September after summer break.

“We will probably have a special meeting in July to announce our new manager,” Hemminger said. “We’re still working out details, so we’re not going to be able to do that [at Wednesday’s meeting].

“It’s the details; it takes time.”

According to Hemminger, the town has narrowed the search to one candidate but can’t announce it just yet.

“You’ve got to do all the due diligence and make it all happen,” Hemminger said. “We’re very excited.”

Hemminger said a reception was held last week for departing town manager Stancil, who has been with the town for more than twelve years.

“It was nice,” Hemminger said of the reception. “We had former mayors, former council members, community partners, his directors were there, and it was a chance to say thank you and to show appreciation and for him to say a few words too.”

Stancil, who is retiring, will remain town manager until September 1 to assist with the transition to the new manager.