The Homestead Aquatic Facility in Chapel Hill has been closed since January due to a suspected leak in water lines, but the indefinite hiatus on indoor swimming may soon be coming to an end.

A message from Jim Orr, the local director of parks and recreation, was forwarded to town officials last week to provide an update on repairs that are allegedly concluding at the facility.

According to Orr, technicians will finish repairing major pipes and reconstructing pool decks this week, with water expected to be back in the pools for a final test as early as Friday.

If water levels remain stable after the pools are refilled, then chlorine will be reintroduced to the water and heating will take place in preparation for the reopening of the facility.

The Orange County SportsPlex and Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA have been honoring passes from patrons of the facility during its closure, which has lasted for over seven weeks.

Photo by Ryan P./Google+.