A collegiate research program whose mission is to improve public perceptions of the growing Hispanic population in the United States has announced a partnership with Chapel Hill.

According to a press release from the municipal government, the town was selected by the Latino Migration Project to receive two years of community planning support.

The release also states that program associates will work directly with town officials to facilitate the integration of foreign-born residents with the larger population.

Siler City was selected along with Chapel Hill by the program as part of a competitive process that required applicants to elaborate on their commitments to immigrant integration.

Support for the program was expressed by Town Manager Roger Stancil, who referred to municipal policies and plans that were developed to promote inclusivity.

Over 18,000 foreign-born persons reside in Orange County based on data compiled by the US Census Bureau, with over nine percent of the state population claiming to be Hispanic.

The Latino Migration Project was started at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2007 by Dr. Hannah Gill, who earned a philosophical doctorate in social anthropology from the University of Oxford.

Image by Latino Migration Project.