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Parents, Students Wear Red, Support Teachers

“The way things are in the state today, this was a great time to be able to show our appreciation throughout the year instead of just on Teacher Appreciation Week,” Limerick says.

2013 Mayoral Candidate Profile: Tom Stevens

Hillsborough Mayor and candidate for re-election, Tom Stevens says growth is inevitable, and he’s happy with the processes that are in place to help keep the authentic small-town character of Hillsborough going forward.

2013 Mayoral Candidate Profile: Lydia Lavelle

Carrboro Alderman and mayoral candidate, Lydia Lavelle says it’s not news to anyone that development is one of the major issues with which Carrboro is dealing. She says she will make sure the town continues to focus on the best ways make construction and people’s day-to-day lives work hand-in-hand.


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