All of the mayors of Orange County towns have officially announced they will be running for re-election this fall.

Hillsborough Mayor Tom Stevens became the third mayor to announce those intentions on WCHL’s The Aaron Keck Show during his weekly appearance on Monday joining Carrboro’s Lydia Lavelle and Chapel Hill’s Pam Hemminger.

Stevens said his intention was to file once the filing opens on Friday at noon.

Stevens will be running for his seventh two-year term as mayor. He said on Monday afternoon that navigating development and future growth has been and would continue to be his priority, if re-elected.

Stevens said planning had limited growth from expanding into the countryside and had allowed the growth to be managed and more “town-like.” Stevens said it was important that new developments had recreational space, were walkable and had a variety of housing styles to accommodate with potential homeowners with different financial resources.

Two seats currently held by Jenn Weaver and Kathleen Ferguson will be up for election this fall. Neither has officially announced their intentions for this fall.

Stevens is the only candidate who has announced an intent to run for mayor.