UNC Football didn’t have to look far for a successful high school coach that will usher in the state’s top talent.

Carrboro High School head coach, Jason Tudryn resigned this week after accepting the position as UNC’s first Director of High School Relations.

“From being in a high school setting for the last, close to, 20 years and being in Florida, where it’s a highly-recruited state and having some high school players come out of Carrboro High School, I’ve gotten to experience it from the other side of the coin, if you will, and hoping to lend some of those experiences to my new position to be able to help us here at Carolina become even better,” Tudryn says.

Larry Fedora has stated since he took the head coaching position at Carolina in 2012 that his goal is to keep the most talented Carolinians in North Carolina.

“For Carolina and Coach Fedora to be able to create a position like this that helps us reach those people and helps them see us as people that would be willing to build their futures with is an exiting opportunity for me personally,” Tudryn says. “And, it’s very important for the state of North Carolina to make sure that all the talent in the state stays in-state.”

Carrboro High was founded in 2007, and Tudryn is the only person to hold the head coaching position. He built the program to state title contention by 2012 when the Jaguars lost their only game of the season to South Iredell in the 2012 2AA NCHSAA state title game.

“That was a chapter of my life that I’ll never forget,” Tudryn says. “I really anticipated being at Carrboro until I was old and grey. My dad was a high school coach for close to 40 years. I saw first hand the ability to experience all of the positive impacts he had on two communities, really.”

He says there was no way to turn down this opportunity, especially being so close to home.

“This is just an opportunity for me that wasn’t going to come by again, and it was an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up,” Tudryn says. “When I told the kids that I was leaving, I told them chapters close and end, and the story continues. They have a chance to continue on what we’ve built on. I think we turned our program into one of the most respectable programs in the state. The challenge for the older guys is to take the lessons that we’ve taught them over the years and to have them bear fruit, if you will, in prolonging the tradition of our young program.”

Jaguar A.D. April Ross made the announcement in an email Tuesday afternoon. She said “We wish Coach Tudryn much success in his new endeavors. He is a dedicated professional who has a tremendous work ethic and commitment to excellence. He will be truly missed by the Carrboro Community.”

In turn, Tudryn says he couldn’t have been happier working for anyone other than Ross.

“It’s an untold story, really, about how important administration is in the whole process in the success of each high school program or any sports program, really,” Tudryn says. “April Ross is the reason that that school’s so successful. They’ve won multiple Wells Fargo Cups. She is a friend, she’s a mentor, and I’ve been really thankful to have her come into our lives.”

Ross said Carrboro anticipates announcing Tudryn’s replacement in early June.

Tudryn started with Carolina on Monday.

Assistant Athletic Director for Communications at UNC, Kevin Best said in an email that Tudryn will be responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with high school coaches as well as developing summer camps and clinics.

Coach Fedora is out of town and could not be reached for comment.