UNC women’s basketball is participating in a viral challenge intended to raise awareness for leukemia.

The Lemons for Leukemia movement, which aims to raise awareness for bone marrow donations, challenges participants to take a bite out of a raw lemon, post it online and challenge others to do the same while adding to the bone marrow registry through Be The Match.

The challenge was created by Chris Betancourt and Dillon Hill after Chris was diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia and given a prognosis of one year to live.

UNC’s longtime head coach, Sylvia Hatchell, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013 and was forced to temporarily step away from the team during her recovery process. Thankfully, doctors cleared Hatchell to return in 2014 after her leukemia went into remission.

Carolina basketball is not the first collegiate sports team to participate in the challenge, as teams from Southern Methodist and Nova have also participated. Celebrities such as Danny Devito, Gary Oldman, and the anchors from Good Morning America have also participated in the challenge as well.