Judit Beres left a successful 10-year career in research to pursue her passion. Inspired by holistic healthcare, Beres offers a new take on culinary oils. Neomega Nutritionals aren’t your grandmother’s cooking oils. From artisan cold-pressed avocado oils to vegetarian omega 3 oils, there’s an option for everyone.

Beres, a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, started her career in research and data analysis at Duke Trauma Center. After a decade in data analysis and statistical programming, she decided she wanted to follow her passion for clean eating. Her son struggled with allergies and eczema for years before she was able to reduce all of his allergies with natural medicine and dietary changes.

“We are developing these medicines that are capable of making diseases manageable,” said Beres. “But do we need all those drugs that are managing diseases that could be prevented with lifestyle changes?”

During her quest to simplify her family’s diet, she realized they were “adding so much inflammation to (their) diet by cooking three meals a day with canola oil.”

Searching for an alternative, she discovered avocado oil and instantly recognized a good business and educational opportunity.

Neomega Nutritionals strives to produce tasty, fresh products while implementing sustainable manufacturing processes. Composting, recycling and responsibly sourced ingredients all contribute to a high-quality product.

Neomega’s best sellers are a line of artisanal herb infused avocado oils with ginger-tumeric-orange and chili flavors. Different from flavoring with essential oils, herb infusion ensures that vital nutrients remain in the oil. Neomega also offers a classic avocado oil and vegetarian omega 3 oils, which can be used in a frying pan (cooked at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit), tossed into salads or on the grill.

“Many people don’t associate an oil with being a superfood, or being healthy, even, or reducing inflammation,” said Beres. “But, in fact, it does. Good fats are very important for our diet, and our brain is 70 percent fat.”

Ginger-turmeric salad, via Neomega Nutritionals

In the future, Beres sees her business expanding into an educational role, as well. She plans to do an educational series with multiple classes about an anti-inflammatory diet to educate and inspire the Triangle area.

“We want the brand to not only be seen as a clean, heart-healthy, culinary oil,” said Beres. “But also a brand that offers value to our customers, as advocating for sustainable, conscious eating that can reduce inflammation.”

Neomega Nutritionals makes it simple to build a healthy diet by selling affordable oils, and posting recipes for customers to try on their website. From avocado ice cream to kid-approved suggestions, customers can taste what makes Neomega different.

One of the most rewarding parts of the journey for Beres has been the customer feedback.

“I have customers who say they’ll only eat salads with our ginger-turmeric-orange oil,” said Beres. “And maybe they haven’t been willing to eat salads before, but now they will because they like the flavor of the ginger-tumeric-orange oil, which is great.”

Neomega oils are available on Amazon Prime, on their website and in specialty shops throughout the Triangle, such as Weaver Street Market and Raleigh Provisions.

Featured image via Neomega Nutritionals