Ashley Peterson

Made in NC: Lady Edison Country Ham

Sam Suchoff is cooking up something big in Chapel Hill. A former vegan turned pork enthusiast, he owns Lady Edison Country Ham, a business born out of an appreciation for the way things used to be. Lady Edison offers extra-fancy country ham, a specialty ham unique to the South, and other delicious varieties of pork in a partnership with the North Carolina Hog Growers’ Association, a nonprofit food co-operative. The hogs are raised on pasture in eastern North Carolina at certified Animal Welfare Approved farms. Suchoff, a UNC-Chapel Hill graduate with a degree in mathematics, got his start working...

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Flavor of the Week: Bon Chon Chicken

Chicken wings are just chicken wings. . . right? It’s a classic American tradition to order wings and beer while watching a game. You might choose between buffalo wings or sweet barbeque or spicy flavored options. Not anymore. Bon Chon Chicken, a Korean fried chicken restaurant, has taken up residence on Franklin Street next to Linda’s. It offers soy garlic flavored and spicy chicken wings along with other Korean sides and dishes. The franchise has around 63 locations in multiple U.S. cities, including New York and Charlotte. It’s heralded for bringing a Korean twist to the classic wings and...

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Made in NC: Emily Triplett

Perched on a stool surrounded by metal working tools, Emily Triplett turns a piece of gold over on a rolling mill to roll the metal down into a specific shape. She’s creating a set of gold hoop earrings, one of her favorite styles. Next, she will form the metal and hammer the surface, before finally bringing the jewelry to a high polish with sandpaper and plenty of elbow grease. It’s all in a day’s work for Emily Triplett, a metalsmith and the owner of a handmade jewelry business based in Chapel Hill. She’s been working on her own from...

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