This week’s Hometown Heroes, presented by Hendrick Southpoint, are Mack and Sally Brown.

Mark Vitali, the co-owner of 97.9 The Hill and, made the nomination and has been close friends with the pair for years.

“The things that they do off the field, they’re spectacular,” Vitali said. “You know, they’re always trying to help.”

Mack and Sally returned to Chapel Hill two years ago when Mack was hired for a second stint as UNC’s head football coach. Since then, he’s rebuild the team into a serious contender in the ACC and capped off the 2020 season with a trip to the Orange Bowl — Carolina’s first major bowl game since the 1950 Cotton Bowl.

Sally has been a prominent real estate developer and community advocate. Together, Mack and Sally are Chapel Hill’s “first couple.”

“We’re just blessed to have them, the things that they’ve accomplished already and what they will accomplish are going to be just mind boggling for the city, for the school and for all the charities that they continually work with,” Vitali said.

For charity work, Mack and Sally are most closely associated with the UNC Children’s Hospital. Over the summer, the pair brought pizzas to the hospital as workers battled the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the pandemic, the football team would normally make routine trips over to UNC Children’s Hospital to see the patients. Now, those visits have been moved virtually but Brown and team are still putting in the effort to make connections with the kids.

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