So you think all those telecommuters are working from home in coffee-stained PJs and bunny slippers? Think again.

Leonardo Rocha of IBM Finance recently posed these questions on

“For those that work from a Home Office, how do you dress up for work? I work from home 2-3 days a week and still haven’t made up my mind on what I should be wearing. Do you feel it’s important to put on your working clothes?”

Since I have experience working from a home office several times in my career I felt prepared to tackle this set of queries. This was my response:

“I just read an article that lists two reasons not to wear pajamas and slippers to the home office – productivity and efficiency. I’m sure you probably don’t wear your PJs to work at home! But you Can dress comfortably and remain Chic in your home office with a business casual outfit. If you ever worked in an office with business casual Fridays, then you know what I’m suggesting. Possibly chinos or dark washed denim with a polo-type shirt or a favorite button down. If you conduct or attend video meetings from your home office, then you want to appear presentable. When you look good you feel good and possibly accomplish more!”

Leonardo liked my response. Score one for The Fashion Plate!

“Kristin, I think your comparison between working from home and business casual Fridays was spot on. Thank you.”

Dressing for success isn’t just for corporate settings. Women and men working from home have something to gain from putting on real clothes.

A study from professors at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University found when research subjects wore a scientist’s or medical doctor’s white coat, they performed better.

The subjects wearing the lab coats – typically associated with care and attentiveness – made about half as many errors as their peers.

How to remain comfy and look chic while doing business at home?

I made some suggestions for men in my response to Leonardo above. Ladies, try colored jeans with a sleeveless blouse and lightweight printed scarf. Or a structured blazer paired with printed shorts or pants for another great fall look.

Maxi skirts paired with a fitted sleeveless top are also cute and comfy and can be easily dressed up with a short jacket.

Fashion and function can combine for a successful workday, every day!

Are you guilty of working from home in your pajamas? Share your home office work attire comments with Chapelboro Insiders.